शनिवार, 14 फ़रवरी 2009

हैप्पी valentines डे

हैप्पी valentines डे

सोमवार, 9 फ़रवरी 2009


Har khushi Hai Logon Ke Daman Mein,

Par Ek Hansi Ke Liye Waqt Nahi॥

Din Raat Daudti Duniya Mein,

Zindagi Ke Liye Hi Waqt Nahi।

Maa Ki Loree Ka Ehsaas To Hai,

Par Maa Ko Maa Kehne Ka Waqt Nahi।

Saare Rishton Ko To Hum Maar Chuke,

Ab Unhe Dafnane Ka Bhi Waqt Nahi।

Saare Naam Mobile Mein Hain,

Par Dosti Ke Lye Waqt Nahi।

Gairon Ki Kya Baat Karen,

Jab Apno Ke Liye Hi Waqt Nahi।

Aankhon Me Hai Neend Badee,

Par Sone Ka Waqt Nahi।

Dil Hai Ghamon Se Bhara Hua,

Par Rone Ka Bhi Waqt Nahi । ( 100% fact)

Paison ki Daud Me Aise Daude,

Ki Thakne ka Bhi Waqt Nahi।

Paraye Ehsason Ki Kya Kadr Karein,

Jab Apane Sapno Ke Liye Hi Waqt Nahi।

Tu Hi Bata E Zindagi,

Iss Zindagi Ka Kya Hoga,

Ki Har Pal Marne Walon Ko,

Jeene Ke Liye Bhi Waqt Nahi.........

शनिवार, 7 फ़रवरी 2009

A Wonderful story

Priya married Hitesh. At the end of the wedding party, Priya's mother gave her a newly opened bank saving passbook with Rs.1000 deposit amount.
Mother: 'Priya, take this passbook। Keep it as a record of your marriage life. When there's something happy and memorable happened in your new life, put some money in. Write down what it's about next to the line. The more memorable the event is, the more money you can put in. I've done the first one for you today. Do the others with Hitesh.When you look back after years, you can know how much happiness you've had.' Priya shared this with Hitesh when getting home. They both thought it was a great idea and were anxious to know when the second deposit can be made. This was what they did after certain time: - 7 Feb: Rs.100, first birthday celebration for Hitesh after marriage - 1 Mar: Rs.300, salary raise for Priya - 20 Mar: Rs.200, vacation trip to Bali - 15 Apr: Rs.2000, Priya got pregnant - 1 Jun: Rs.1000, Hitesh got promoted ..... and so on... However, after years, they started fighting and arguing for trivial things.They didn't talk much. They regretted that they had married the most nasty people in the world.... no more love...Kind of typical nowadays, huh? One day Priya talked to her Mother: 'Mom, we can't stand it anymore. We agree to divorce. I can't imagine how I decided to marry this guy!!!' Mother: 'Sure, girl, that's no big deal. Just do whatever you want if you really can't stand it. But before that, do one thing first. Remember the saving passbook I gave you on your wedding day? Take out all money and spend it first. You shouldn't keep any record of such a poor marriage.' Priya thought it was true. So she went to the bank, waiting at the queue and planning to cancel the account. While she was waiting, she took a look at the passbook record. She looked, and looked, and looked. Then the memory of all the previous joy and happiness just came up her mind. Her eyes were then filled with tears. She left and went home. When she was reached home, she handed the passbook to Hitesh, asked him to spend the money before getting divorce. The next day, Hitesh gave the passbook back to Priya. She found a new deposit of Rs.5000. And a line next to the record: 'This is the day I notice how much I've loved you thru out all these years. How much happiness you've brought me.' They hugged and cried, putting the passbook back to the safe. Do you know how much money they had saved when they retired? I did not ask.I believe the money did not matter any more after they had gone thru all the good years in their life. "When you fall, in any way, Don't see the place where you fell, Instead see the place from where you slipped. Life is about correcting mistakes."


शुक्रवार, 6 फ़रवरी 2009

Valentine Day (14 Feb.)

Happly Valentine Day to all

गुरुवार, 5 फ़रवरी 2009


Yoon to tamannao ko
har koi sajata hai,
Pata vahi hai jo
kismat sath lata hai.......